100 Things To Do In St Maarten/Martin

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St Maarten offers so many options when it comes to things to do, and getting bored is not one of them. From enjoying some of the 37 beaches to shopping, sailing a catamaran or admiring tropical butterflies there is something for everyone on the friendly island. We have compiled for you a list of 100 things that you do in St Maarten. It is not a classification but simply a list, so choose your pick 🙂 Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you think something worth being on the list.

1- Hike up to pic paradise

2- Snorkel at Creole rock

3- Eat at Big Fish restaurant

4- Eat a delicious barbecue at a Lolo in Grand Case

5- Eat lunch at one of Grand Case restaurant and get a long chair for free

6- Watch the sunset while sipping a cocktail at Buccaneer beach

7- Bring your kids to the locally called “baby beach” – Le Galion beach

8- Relax, swim or hike at the tiny but so beautiful Pinel Island

9- Snorkel with turtles in Tintamarre island

10- Take a selfie with the antique car on “old street” in Philipsburg

11- Zip Line and then relax at Loterie Farm 

12 Swim in the clear water with your kids at Friar’s bay beach

13- See Marigot panorama from Fort Louis

14- Get a surf and swim with the waves at Orient bay beach

15- Shop in one of the hundred shops at Philipsburg

16- Make your own perfume at Tijon

17- Take a break and eat a delicious gelato at Gio

18- Sail on a sailing yacht

19- Jump in the clear water from a catamaran

20- Have a romantic dinner at the Village – Palapa Grill


21- Eat the best croissant at La Sucriere Boulangerie

22- Shop some all natural products made in SXM at Nectar

23- Take a group photo with the statue at Happy Bay

24- Enjoy Sunday afternoon with some friends at El Zafiro Boutique Hotel

25- Don’t miss the attraction of the island – watch planes land and takeoff at Maho Beach

26- Be adventurous and tour the island on an ATV

27- Have a carousel ride while eat a homemade icecream at Carousel

28- Ride a Rhino and take a water safari

29- Have the best massage ever with A Touch of Hands

30- Bounce with your family on a water trampoline

31- Enjoy the sunset on a cruise

32- Eat seasonal fruits picked up from the trees 

33- Attach your belt tight and drive in a Buggy

34- Play golf at Mullet Bay Golf course

35- Watch the impressing cruise ships from Philipsburg boardwalk

36- Watch the yachts pass under the Simpson Bay bridge

37- Watch an outdoor movie in Cupecoy 

38- Shop at the West Indian Mall in Marigot

39- Sip cool and tasty coconut water

40- Take a photo (In the water) standing under the pier in Grand Case


41- Do your own BBQ on a Donut Boat and sail from Marina Royal

42- Eat French food in one of the many Grand Case culinary French restaurants

43- Enjoy Caribbean food At Enoch Restaurant in Marigot

44- Tour the island on a London Party Bus

45- Pick up a souvenir at the Marigot Market

46- Ride the world’s steepest zip line

47- Enjoy an organic meal at GiGi’s

48- Enjoy a night out in Maho

49- Visit Oyster Pond Marina 

50- Enjoy the view of the Mega yachts in the Simpson Bay Marina

51- Take a swim in the natural pool at Guana Bay

52- Visit the Rotary Lookout point

53- Visit the History Museum in Philipsburg

54- Have a tan on Dawn beach

55- Visit Fort Amsterdam

56- Enjoy the sunset from the beautiful Divi Beach

57- Snorkel at affordable price

58- Watch birds catch fish at Kim Sha Beach

59- Watch birds with a guide

60- Go around the island on the Santino boat

61- Enjoy the view of the island from the sky.

62- Take a stroll across the causeway bridge

63- Take a Tropical Venice sail with your loved one

64- Relax at Orient Bay beach

65- Visit Sint Maarten Zoological and Botanical Park

66- Learn to be a sailor on a catamaran 

67- Kayak to Pinel Island

68- Take it to the sky on a parasailing adventure

69- Enjoy the sunset in a fun atmosphere at Sunset Beach Bar

70- Take photos of the Iguanas at Pinel Island

71- Dive and discover the sunken helicopter ruins

72- Walk across the shallow pond at the Rotary Lookout to the small island

73- Try the rendezvous 4 cheese pizza “au feu de bois” in CupeCoy

74- Go to Marigot by boat

75- Fly on a Flyboard at Orient Bay Beach

76- Ride a Spyder

77- Enjoy a delicious crepe from the “La crepe rose” booth in Grand Case

78- Enjoy a combo activity

79- Have a sunset drink at Le Shambala in Grand Case

80- Take a helicopter ride to view the beautiful island from the sky

81- Enjoy a look into the water from a glass bottom Kayak

82- Enjoy a sunset dinner on a catamaran

83- Have a refreshing swim at Great bay beach

84- Take a speedboat trip and snorkel

85- Enjoy the lunch buffet at the cozy Red Rooster’s restaurant

86- Visit the Courthouse on Front Street in Philipsburg

87- Walk across the Natural Bridge at Mullet Bay Beach

88- Take a walk down the Boardwalk in Philipsburg

89- Take a horseback ride

90- Rent a JEEP Wrangler and cruise around the island in style

91- Discover Lover’s beach with your lover

92- Get a coconut cut with a friendly local lady at orient bay beach

93- Snorkel the caves at Baie Rouge

94- Jet Ski in the Simpson Bay Lagoon

95- Get photographed at the Sint Maarten/ Saint Martin Border with the flags

96- Enjoy six hours on a classy speed boat

97- Charter a luxury power boat to enjoy with your family and friends

98- Enjoy a local party at Soggy dollar

99- Listen to fine music at the red piano

100- Take a photo with the I LOVE SXM sign in Marigot

We hope this article “100 Things to Do in St Maarten/Martin” will be helpful to you. St Maarten/Martin is a small island but it is full of activities to fill a big heart, we guaranteed there is something for everyone on this beautiful island. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.


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