100 Things To Do In St Maarten/Martin


St Maarten offers so many options when it comes to things to do, and getting bored is not one of them. From enjoying some of the 37 beaches to shopping, sailing a catamaran or admiring tropical butterflies there is something for everyone on the friendly island. We have compiled for you a list of 100 things that you do in St Maarten. It is not a classification but simply a list, so choose your pick ūüôā Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you think something worth being on the list.

1- Hike up to pic paradise

2- Snorkel at Creole rock

3- Eat at Big Fish restaurant

4- Eat a delicious barbecue at a Lolo in Grand Case

5- Eat lunch at one of Grand Case restaurant and get a long chair for free

6- Watch the sunset while sipping a cocktail at Buccaneer beach

7- Bring your kids to the locally called “baby beach” – Le Galion beach

8- Relax, swim or hike at the tiny but so beautiful Pinel Island

9- Snorkel with turtles in Tintamarre island

10- Take a selfie with the antique car on “old street” in Philipsburg

11- Zip Line and then relax at Loterie Farm 

12 Swim in the clear water with your kids at Friar’s bay beach

13- See Marigot panorama from Fort Louis

14- Get a surf and swim with the waves at Orient bay beach

15- Shop in one of the hundred shops at Philipsburg

16- Make your own perfume at Tijon

17- Take a break and eat a delicious gelato at Gio

18- Sail on a sailing yacht

19- Jump in the clear water from a catamaran

20- Have a romantic dinner at the Village – Palapa Grill

21- Eat the best croissant at La Sucriere Boulangerie

22- Shop some all natural products made in SXM at Nectar

23- Take a group photo with the statue at Happy Bay

24- Enjoy Sunday afternoon with some friends at El Zafiro Boutique Hotel

25- Don’t miss the attraction of the island – watch planes land and takeoff at Maho Beach

26- Be adventurous and tour the island on an ATV

27- Have a carousel ride while eat a homemade icecream at Carousel

28- Ride a Rhino and take a water safari

29- Have the best massage ever with A Touch of Hands

30- Bounce with your family on a water trampoline

31- Enjoy the sunset on a cruise

32- Eat seasonal fruits picked up from the trees 

33- Attach your belt tight and drive in a Buggy

34- Play golf at Mullet Bay Golf course

35- Watch the impressing cruise ships from Philipsburg boardwalk

36- Watch the yachts pass under the Simpson Bay bridge

37- Watch an outdoor movie in Cupecoy 

38- Shop at the West Indian Mall in Marigot

39- Sip cool and tasty coconut water

40- Take a photo (In the water) standing under the pier in Grand Case


41- Do your own BBQ on a Donut Boat and sail from Marina Royal

42- Eat French food in one of the many Grand Case culinary French restaurants

43- Enjoy Caribbean food At Enoch Restaurant in Marigot

44- Tour the island on a London Party Bus

45- Pick up a souvenir at the Marigot Market

46- Ride the world’s steepest zip line

47- Enjoy an organic meal at GiGi’s

48- Enjoy a night out in Maho

49- Visit Oyster Pond Marina 

50- Enjoy the view of the Mega yachts in the Simpson Bay Marina

51- Take a swim in the natural pool at Guana Bay

52- Visit the Rotary Lookout point

53- Visit the History Museum in Philipsburg

54- Have a tan on Dawn beach

55- Visit Fort Amsterdam

56- Enjoy the sunset from the beautiful Divi Beach

57- Snorkel at affordable price

58- Watch birds catch fish at Kim Sha Beach

59- Watch birds with a guide

60- Go around the island on the Santino boat

61- Enjoy the view of the island from the sky.

62- Take a stroll across the causeway bridge

63- Take a Tropical Venice sail with your loved one

64- Relax at Orient Bay beach

65- Visit Sint Maarten Zoological and Botanical Park

66- Learn to be a sailor on a catamaran 

67- Kayak to Pinel Island

68- Take it to the sky on a parasailing adventure

69- Enjoy the sunset in a fun atmosphere at Sunset Beach Bar

70- Take photos of the Iguanas at Pinel Island

71- Dive and discover the sunken helicopter ruins

72- Walk across the shallow pond at the Rotary Lookout to the small island

73- Try the rendezvous 4 cheese pizza “au feu de bois” in CupeCoy

74- Go to Marigot by boat

75- Fly on a Flyboard at Orient Bay Beach

76- Ride a Spyder

77- Enjoy a delicious crepe from the “La crepe rose” booth in Grand Case

78- Enjoy a combo activity

79- Have a sunset drink at Le Shambala in Grand Case

80- Take a helicopter ride to view the beautiful island from the sky

81- Enjoy a look into the water from a glass bottom Kayak

82- Enjoy a sunset dinner on a catamaran

83- Have a refreshing swim at Great bay beach

84- Take a speedboat trip and snorkel

85- Enjoy the lunch buffet at the cozy Red Rooster’s restaurant

86- Visit the Courthouse on Front Street in Philipsburg

87- Walk across the Natural Bridge at Mullet Bay Beach

88- Take a walk down the Boardwalk in Philipsburg

89- Take a horseback ride

90- Rent a JEEP Wrangler and cruise around the island in style

91- Discover Lover’s beach with your lover

92- Get a coconut cut with a friendly local lady at orient bay beach

93- Snorkel the caves at Baie Rouge

94- Jet Ski in the Simpson Bay Lagoon

95- Get photographed at the Sint Maarten/ Saint Martin Border with the flags

96- Enjoy six hours on a classy speed boat

97- Charter a luxury power boat to enjoy with your family and friends

98- Enjoy a local party at Soggy dollar

99- Listen to fine music at the red piano

100- Take a photo with the I LOVE SXM sign in Marigot

We hope this article “100 Things to Do in St Maarten/Martin” will be helpful to you. St Maarten/Martin is a small island but it is full of activities to fill a big heart, we guaranteed there is something for everyone on this beautiful island. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.


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