St. Maarten’s Own Sweet “Nectar”


What’s inside your favorite skin products? Do you even know? It’s shocking how many people don’t! And often times, the chemicals used to make up those products aren’t always good for your skin. It’s time people knew what was in their cosmetics and skin care items, so they could make the right choices. Nectar is committed to providing high-quality products made only of the finest natural ingredients, just like the nectar of bees!

The average adult uses 9 skin care products a day. Of these products, there are over a hundred inorganic chemicals within! The skin just isn’t something that is taken seriously, despite being the largest organ our body has. Products often don’t do what their labels claim, and “good enough” is never really good enough. Nectar is committed to counteracting this, and is St. Maarten’s own purity revolution. Their lotions use a maximum of 8 ingredients, and these are all natural. What does this mean for you? You’re getting a product that isn’t harsh on the skin and works with it to improve the look and feel of your skin – from face to toes! Plus, with keeping the ingredients list short, you can be sure that you’re paying for 100% product with no unnecessary fillers.

Nalia-nectarThe whole idea started about 15 years ago when the founder, Nalia Muriel, moved to the Caribbean. Because of the change in environment, the products that used to be a staple of her routine, including mosquito repellents and sun-blocks, began to irritate her skin each time she used them. She had no choice but to start making her own products to combat this problem. Soon, she was getting questions left and right about where she got her perfume, and was happy to share that she had created it all by herself as a mosquito repellent. Since then, Nalia’s passion about using natural ingredients in skin care, top quality artisan manufacturing, and a little word of mouth has helped St. Maarten Nectar to grow into the internationally known skin care line, and become the top skin care producer in all of St. Maarten!

mosquitos-st-maartenNow, Nectar sells a variety of products. They still sell their very first product, Nalia’s own mosquito repellent! They’ve added to their line since then, of course, and are now catering to hundreds of happy customers that want fantastic results both short term and long term. Their featured product is currently a Rosewood Tea Tree facial cleanser that smells decadent and helps the skin to purify, balance pH levels, and fight off unwanted bacteria that causes rashes and acne. There’s something for everyone at Nectar, men, women, and even children alike! They offer gift sets and travel sizes as well which are perfect for travellers who want to take a little something home to share their island visit with their friends and family.

Now, Nectar even offers tours of their facilities so you can see how your most beloved products are made and truly get a feel for the creative art that is artisanal product manufacturing.





Nectar’s customers agree. With a consistent five-star review, customers love Nectar. One customer raves, “Their products smell incredibly good, I use them every day. I have purchase six different products and they are all very interesting.” The staff at Nectar is known to be extremely helpful, and their passion radiates through their work, making Nectar a must-visit!


Nectar is conveniently located between the Tropicana Casino and First Caribbean Bank, across from Movie Theater Megaplex. Their wonderful staff is always happy to help new and old customers alike. Visiting their boutique is the best way to get to know their scents and what they have available. They also have over 30 distributors on the island of St Maarten -St Martin, and other distributors on St Barths, Anguilla, Saba, Curacao, Bonaire, St Kitts, Nevis, Guadeloupe, Marie Galante, Tortola and more… But if you don’t have to visit St. Maarten or all of these other locations to purchase Nectar’s products! Their full 2017 catalogue is available online on their website, and you can order right from there. They deliver internationally, as well, making sure that all of their loyal customers can get their high quality, natural skin care products no matter where in the world they are! 

laboratory-st-maartenWant to learn more? Nectar’s staff is here to help whether you’re visiting St Maarten or even if you’re stuck at your desk at work somewhere. They have a series of educational YouTube videos out to teach their customers and skin care enthusiasts how to best take care of their skin to keep it looking healthy, young, and beautiful!


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