Marigot st martinIf you are a tourist, and you’re looking for an interesting place to visit, then Marigot in St Martin, is an ideal location for your tourism trip. The most excellent way of discovering the customs and traditions of the Marigot in Saint Martin is to stroll around its villages and town. We are going to be knowing more about Marigot, in St. Martin.


The Marigot town started existing in 1969, and its name was gotten from the many marigots and swamps that occupy the area. Marigot grew increasingly in the 18th century and became the French part capital. This is where most of the successive governors were conducting their official business. In the year 1970, the filling of the lagoon section led to the village extension.

In recent times, a good looking promenade has been built on the waterfront. It runs from the Fort Louis Marina to the cemetery through the market with open-air, in the warmth sunny weather. The Marigot town is the resident to most of the departments in local government.

Marigot consists of various districts; Hameau Du Pont Agrément, Galisbay, Sandy Ground, Concordia, Bellevue and Saint James. It is a place where trendy restaurants,   boutiques, and traditional shops sit side-by-side. Do not miss the smells, buzz, and colors of the local market.


A former village for fishing called Grand-Case has a fantastic charming of Creole. With its magnificent bay, you’ll discover a great number of restaurants in local wattle houses and huts.In Colombier, a remote place of Marigot, you will get to see the amazing works of nature surrounded all around it.Orient Bay Village which was established since ten years is still one of the best in the Caribbean.


Marigot outside market is a place of high melting pot smells, colors and exciting hustling and bustling. In the market, stalls managed by local people are used to sell vegetables and fruit, spices, fresh fish and local meats. These foodstuffs are kept under an open Creole huts which are usually along the waterfront.

Besides the local restaurants which adjoin the traditional market, a beautiful statue of stone, built by Martin Lynn and provided by an American to the St. Martin’s Municipalité, commemorates the black women market sellers.

In the year 2006, as one of the event series for the week of black history, a magnificent fresco, which also commemorates the women market sellers, was painted and designed by an artist that came from St. Martin.

The market of marigots also has over hundred craft stands. These work is being managed by both local indigenes and foreigners. These people spread out and cover up the few arena or the kiosks. In this place, artists, vendors or creators,  sample their wares each day that passes in the week excluding Sunday.

Here, visitors and tourists can showcase their complete range of subtle blends of rum, flavored rums, spices, fruits and Shrub. In Marigot, there is always a drink to suit and satisfy everybody. You can visit the Marigot outside market for your guaranteed and high-quality traditional charm and spiced perfume.

Marigot outside market in St. Martin is a place of fun and excitement. Visit it, and have an unforgettable life-long experience.

Take a look at the St Maarten Map to see where it is located.

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