Restaurants worth visiting in St Maarten/ Martin


No matter what you’re traveling for, there’s no excuse to not indulge in the finest food your destination has to offer. Sint Maarten is known for its sunny beaches and its lively tropical activities, but with 400 restaurants on the island, there’s definitely something to say for the food too.

Sint Maarten has fantastic restaurants that feature foods from all over the world. There’s French, Thai, Italian, Indian, Japanese, Vietnamese, and the local specialty: Caribbean. Sint Maarten restaurants are known for large portions, one to one conversion rates, and their variety. All over both sides of the island are everything from bistros, cafes, upscale restaurants, and street food stand with the most delicious barbecue on the island – these are called “lolos”.

Despite the insane variety to choose from on Sint Maarten, we’ve taken the liberty to narrow the list down for you to just our absolute favorites. Check them out below:



Gigi’s is a high energy, upbeat restaurant characterized by its vibrant orange decor and its strictly organic foods. Their selective choice in only the highest quality organic ingredients means that their food tastes amazing and works in harmony with nature. Their ingredients are non-GMO, don’t use pesticides, and avoid chemical fertilizers. Their natural menu and their award winning service make Gigi’s the place to be for those conscious of their health!


SkipJack’s Seafood Grill, Bar & Fish Market

Recently, SkipJack’s was voted the best seafood restaurant in Sint Maarten. That’s a high accolade for an island-based restaurant! Skipjacks carefully choose their seafood and land food suppliers to ensure their customers are getting only the best quality. Then, their talented chefs whip up unforgettable meals. Unlike most seafood restaurants, SkipJack’s doesn’t rely on a batter and some frying oil. They serve hot and cold seafood and land food from a refreshing tuna carpaccio and sashimi to blackened grouper and Mahi Mahi. Looking for a delicious taste of the United States? Try the delicious Maine lobster with appetizer riser of New England clam chowder. You can thank me later!


Avantika Fresh Thai Cuisine & Lounge

Thai cuisine is very distinct from that of other Asian cuisines due to the distinct and fragrant herbal blend often used in Thai food. Many people are hesitant to try it, but once they do, it’s hard not to become addicted. Thai food is delicious, and Avantika is a fantastic purveyor of such an incredible cuisine. Avantika stands out among other Thai restaurants for the distinct freshness and high quality of their ingredients. Plus, their food is among the more healthful cuisines on the island – but you’d never know it! The meals are hearty, delicious, and filling. It’s best to book ahead for Avantika as their tables fill up fast.


The Village’s Palapa Grill

This steakhouse is unlike any other steakhouse. Their menu has a distinctly Caribbean twist on classic steakhouse meals. Everything is flavourful and cooked to perfection here. If you’re in the mood for something on the lighter side, Palapa Grill is great because of their selection of squid and shrimp dishes (separate dishes!) that don’t sit heavy in your stomach but still make you leave feeling satiated and satisfied. Still hungry? Their desserts are unforgettable and unique to any others on the island. I recommend the Passion Pavlova if you don’t want something heavy. It’s light, fluffy, and has a blast of flavour. Delicious!


Lee’s Roadside Grill

Lee’s is another amazing seafood joint on Sint Maarten. They’ve also been voted best seafood restaurant in Sint Maarten, and it’s easy to see why. Lee’s has a super tempting menu of different meats and fish that are cooked the way they were meant to be – with a grill by a man who grew up with a fishing pole in his hand. Bring a friend or two with you, because you’re going to want to share half & half! At Lee’s you can’t pick just one. Lee’s is also more than just a restaurant. They have live music and dancing every single day except for Mondays, and you can even go fishing! Lee’s is the kind of place that you save a whole night for. It’s a blast.



Bamboo is a New York style sushi restaurant that sports a Caribbean twist on their menu. Unlike traditional sushi restaurants, Bamboo has much sweeter flavors and an array of hot dishes, too, such as salmon filets with mango salsa and spicy bamboo lamb topped with chilis, cilantro, and other refreshing spices. Aside from their delicious menu, Bamboo also has the Buddha Lounge. The Buddha Lounge is a great place to kick back, relax, and hang out. They have a DJ on staff for your listening enjoyment and serve tapas and appetizers into the night. It’s a great way to spend a chilled out evening, truly defining the word “lounge”.


Bistrot Caraibes

This family owned restaurant is renowned for its service, quaint and romantic atmosphere, and delicious menu. Their menu is professionally crafted, combining only the most perfect flavors together to create the best dishes. Their menu mostly features hot meals such as Chilean sea bass served over goat cheese with a wine sauce to top or escargot served with creamy garlic and mushroom sauce.


La Petite Table

This restaurant is as cute as its name. It’s quaint and delicately decorated in a classic French style. There’s plenty of French dining in Grand Case, but La Petite Table is different. It takes traditional French culinary style and adds a contemporary twist. The result is something totally new. You get the same classic flavor, but with a lightened, more enhanced dining experience. The presentation is top-quality and the staff attentive and warm.


Hidden Garden

The atmosphere here is unbeatable. It feels like you’re in a tropical forest if it was decorated for comfort and relaxation. Hidden Garden is refreshing, cool, and filled with peaceful vibes. Everything here is unique from their food presentation to their cooking styles. Even the way they deliver your cocktails is unique to any other on the island. There’s live music every Sunday evening, making Hidden Garden more into a Hidden Gem. Absolutely worth a visit!

Get your taste buds ready to enjoy the tasty delights of St Maarten/ Martin! 


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