The Snorkeling Excursion That Wouldn’t Break the Bank

St. Maarten/ Martin is famously known for its 37 white sandy beaches, where travelers flock from around the world to witness this island’s beautiful beaches and water adventures. However, not only are the beaches breathtaking but what’s under the water is something to discover as well. Snorkeling on this friendly island is known throughout the Caribbean for some of it’s amazing dive sights where thousands upon thousands witness brightly colored fish, spot brilliant coral, and closely interact with larger sea animals such as eagle rays and sea turtles. There is no better place to take on this adventure than Creole Rock” and you can count on the “Sand Dollar at Aqua Mania Adventures” to get you there for a price that cannot be matched. 
Creole Rock is one of the best dive spots on the French side of Saint Martin, both for divers and non-divers. Creole Rock is a small rocky outcropping just offshore, at the north end of the bay, where you can dive into the 30-feet deep water to explore the underwater world. In addition, the island itself is a bird rookery, therefore access above the tideline is strictly prohibited. The water is not very deep here, making it the perfect place to learn to dive and also do free diving.
Upon arrival, you will check in and usually have some free time to take a stroll on the beach or purchase last minute items such as sunscreen. Once check in is completed, guests of no more than 15 will board the 28-foot motor boat “Sand Dollar” and set off through the lagoon. This ride includes passing along the beautiful coastline of Marigot harbor, Friar’s Bay, and Happy Bay. Guests are advised to wear swim wear under comfortable clothing with rubber soled walking shoes. Please add a towel, sunglasses, and sunscreen to your checklist. The tour also includes a large cooler with refreshing beverages such as sodas, beers, and water to keep you refreshed throughout your tour. 
When you arrive at Creole rock, you will be able to see views of the beautiful neighboring island of Anguilla. Look forward to encountering schools of sergeant major fish, and snappers. Always be aware of tidal conditions, and avoid the seaward side of the island on windy days, which tend to whip up choppy seas. Take care not to touch fire coral, a distinctive dull-yellow coral covered in stinging shell, as well as long-spines sea urchins, which have poisonous spikes. The captain will instruct you about the process of getting in and out of the boat and all of the details about the underwater fauna of St. Martin if you have questions be more than happy to ask the staff for a guide or further explanation. 
Are you a non-snorkeler? Don’t worry! Flotation belts and flat boards are available for your enjoyment. Creole Rock’s visitors agree with amazing reviews, visitors always recommend booking this excursion. One customer praises, The trip was worth every single penny and more! Thank you to all the team for making our 4 days special and memorable.” Another customer compliments, “Overall we had a great time and will definitely suggest Sand Dollar to Creole Rock, to our friends and family! Thanks!
 Creole Rock is part of a protected seashore and therefore it has an increasing number of marine life which has been returning to the rocky island over the past decade. Therefore, making it very possible to spot sea creatures. After snorkeling with these beautiful creatures you will cruise along the West coast of the island to complete your scenic journey while enjoying free sodas, beers, French Bread, Gouda cheese, and sliced apples as the ride takes you back to shore. Please be advised that restrooms are not available on this type of boat. 
This activity is offered on Tuesdays throughout Saturdays at 10 AM and 2 PM leaving from Simpson Bay Resort at the Marina. This activity is purchased at $45 for adults and $25 for children; ages 5-13. St. Maarten’s clear warm waters makes it a prime snorkeling destination. With over 12 snorkeling spots to choose from. Come and enjoy the “Sand Dollar Creole Rock trip with Aqua Mania Adventures”.

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