Excursion on “Random Wind” Sailing Catamaran Boat in St Maarten


What a day! What a day! On the Random Wind boat, life is so much cooler! If you need to cut off from the busy and stressful world and refresh your mind with fun & relaxing moments, you must try the “Random Wind” boat excursion in St Maarten.

This is how the day starts: all the passengers meet at Chesterfield’s/Dock Maarten at 9:45 am, where they board right from the dock. (The boat can also leave from Simpson Bay upon request).

Once on the boat, we were very excited. There were many comfortable seats all over the boat and all of them gave a wonderful view of the sea. 

Random wind Catamaran with kids

How relaxing it is to just sit, chill, drink some cocktails, and feel the pleasant wind on our faces. During our journey to the French side, we admired other boats and the coasts of St Maarten that offered various landscapes. We could even watch planes take off and land on Princess Juliana airport. We soon arrived at an amazing spot on the French side in front of Long beach and Belmond La Samanna hotel. The view was paradisiac, and we understood why the excursion is called “Paradise Day Sail“!

A stop in front of Bay Long and La Semanna hotel, let's snorkel!

We could see the luxurious and tropical hotel Belmond La Samanna, the white sanded beach where a few people were relaxing or enjoying water activities and the clear, turquoise water surrounding the boat.
Then, we had some time to go in the water and snorkel with the materials the boat crew offered us. Whether you know how to swim or not, you can safely go into the water using the life jackets and noodles which are at your disposal. The sea was calm and beautiful, and with the snorkeling mask and tuba on our faces, we admired the colorful fish and the beautiful seafloors.

We were also advised to paddle-surf but the beauty of the seabed made us forget about it. The captain’s sea shell horn called us back on the boat right on time, because all the swimming opened our appetite.
What a surprise! While we were enjoying ourselves in the water, Anna was preparing some amazing plates for us. As soon as we came back up on the boat and dried ourselves a little, we were served a delicious meal, including a delicious sweet coconut rice with a touch of ginger, a curry chicken, some vegetables and a tender piece of baguette. As for the most hungry, some delicious cookies were suggested.

A stop in front of Mullet Bay Beach, amazing! The water is like crystal! Let's jump in the water with the trapezium!

We would say that it was one of the most amazing views we ever had while eating. The boat turned back to the Dutch side of the island, and the navigation eased our digestion and helped us relax a little. After a few minutes, we arrived in front of Mullet Bay Beach where we stopped and were offered the opportunity to use the boat trapeze to swing and jump into the swimming pool-like water. Most of us experienced the funny tool and what a laugh we had! It was a little intimidating at first, but once we tried a second time, we wanted to do it again. It was not hard to jump into the water which, with the sun’s reflection, is unbelievably clear and turquoise blue. These moments would make a great memory in all of our minds, for sure!

We now had to head back to our departure point. As the captain navigated the sailing boat, some of us were laying down on the beds located in the middle of the boat, while others were chatting and laughing about the great moments we just spent. But also, most of us experienced the “Titanic-moment” as a crew member said. There are 2 bows on the catamaran for that. One by one or two by two we went to the very front of the boat and had a safe seat that gave us an amazing and adventurous experience (this is the best seat to feel the movement of the boat and the “random winds). We definitely know now why it was called the “titanic moment”.

We can even see the planes land and take off!

We passed again in front of the airport and this time, we saw big planes take off and land, which was amazing! We finally arrived our destination and were suggested to buy some local gifts of which the funds will supports many efforts, to help those in need. 
We headed back with a nice tan and a big smile on our faces. We can only say that the Random Wind boat excursion really is something to experience at least once in a lifetime.

The company received “certificates of excellence” by Trip Advisor for 7 years (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019) in a row!

And also received the following awards:

  • Luxury Travel Guide’s Adventure Activity of the Year
  • Luxury Travel Guide’s The Service Excellence Award
  • Travel and Hospitality Award’s Sailing Company of the Year

It is not hard to believe it as we had experienced it, and read the numerous reviews on Trip Advisor.

Photo gallery

Looking forward to welcoming you on board again! Stay safe and sane.
At Random Wind Charters, our mission is to bring joy to those who board our boat and all of those we encounter on land! We strive to provide a place where our guests can let go, and be themselves in a safe and fun environment. Random Wind Charters is here to help you create amazing memories out on the water, so get started by tapping the link in our bio!
“This excursion was by far the best one we had on our trip. The crew was exceptional!! We had multiple families traveling with us and everyone came off the boat happy, even the 4-year-old! The weather wasn’t the best, but we made the best of it and the crew made sure they had everything ready at our fingertips…” – Jennifer G.
With our ship at Random Wind Charters, we can accommodate up to 37 people but prefer to keep it to 32. That way, you and your friends will never feel crowded and you can focus on creating memories!?


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