The St Marteen island is characterized by development around its coasts and mountains on its interior. One major road is situated around the island with secondary routes heading to local residential areas. You can get a map of the island by filling the form below or by visiting this page. Whether your intentions are, we gathered all the reasons on why you should rent a car for your stay in St. Maarten.

The comfort

For most people, a car rental is far more comfortable than public transportation or than a taxi. This is particularly evident if your family and friends are involved in your trip to St. Marteen. And if you have kids, renting a car will avoid you so much stress, and will make everyone happy.

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No waste of time

If you rent a car before your trip to St Maarten, the car rental service will normally pick you up at the airport to bring you to their office where you can get your rented car. For exemple, Sax Car Rental, that is one of the cheapest, most professional and friendly car rental service on St Maarten will pick you up from the airport and drop you off at the end of your vacation.

The flexibility

If like most of the people, you go to St Maarten to enjoy yourself and to relax, renting a car will avoid you the so much hassle, such as waiting for the bus or the taxi, and you will be able to go on every road you want to.  Renting a car gives you the freedom of navigating at your own time and pace in St. Martin Island. It makes you be in control of your schedule and saves you from the various troubles and hassles of having to keep up with the timetable of a public transport.

You’ll be independent

Touristic packages can be interesting, but sometimes all we want is privacy and independence to go wherever we want, at the time we want, and come back whenever we want. Taxis and buses are not always as punctual and responsible, so renting a car grants you the independence, and you’ll be the owner of your time.

Visiting the touristic attractions

It’s not a secret that the Caribbean sea has the most astonishing beaches in the world. Having said that, it’s mandatory to visit as many beaches as possible. This is easily possible by renting a car to visit great bay, Simpson Bay Beach, and others interesting and beautiful places. If you love taking pictures, car renting is the best way to cruise around St Martin Island because you can stop at anywhere you want and have a cool snapshot. You can have a peek to any corner of the Island and have a wonderful experience.


It’s not as expensive as people think

Renting a car is not that expensive. You can easily rent a midsize car from $15 per day at Sax Car Rental. Moreover renting a car can make you save money because while on the island you will probably want to go visit diverse places of interest. Calling a taxi to bring you to and from will be more expensive than if you rent a car. There is also the option of taking the bus, but you will be limited as it doesn’t go to every place you might want to visit, and is not available 24/7.


Many people rent cars to make their dreams come true by renting luxury sedans and even sports cars. Everyone deserves a chance in their life to drive a comfortable and luxurious car. You might not be able to buy one, but you can drive one if you want. You don’t have to wait to save money your entire life, you can easily rent a dreamed car and make your dreams come true.

A car is a perfect way to explore the island. Indeed, St. Maarten is a little island full of adventures at everyone’s reach. Coming to St. Maarten and not exploring the island is a terrible decision. In fact, you can explore the entire island and beaches in a couple days. All you have to do is rent a car and you’ll be free to explore every corner of this island. We really advise you to rent a car before you go to St Maarten, and not waiting to be there, because depending on the season some cars might be booked, and the availabilities are limited.

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