Dolphin Discovery: Swim with the Dolphins in Anguilla

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Are you longing for a spectacular discovery during your vacation? An unforgettable experience that involves Interactive programs/interaction first hand with the Dolphins are done with one of the world’s most intelligent animal? Look no further! Dolphins are highly social animals to be well loved by humans. These sea creatures are eager to see you too! Dolphin Discovery Anguilla, the world’s number one swim with dolphins company is proud to showcase performances of trained dolphins on the beautiful Caribbean island of Anguilla.

Dolphin Discover Group was founded in 1994 with the idea of building a program which allows guests to closely interact with dolphins and other magnificent marine animals. This company is well known for strong history, respect, great social responsibility and enormous ecological conscience along with conservation duties for marine fauna and flora.



Dolphins are incredible animals with mind blowing abilities. The dolphin’s respiratory system is quite impressive with the ability to dive for 5 to 10 minutes between breaths. An advanced system of echolocation is used for them to find objects and food. This is done by making click like sounds that travel fast in the water which then bounces off from an object then returns to Dolphins as echoes. One of the most interesting facts about these animals is that they communicate through sounds, and whistles each other as dolphins don’t have vocal chords. Each species has a particular whistle to identify from the other ones, and also can use dance and jumps to communicate.

Once arrived, a friendly staff will welcome and lead you to an all-natural ocean environment on a picturesque wooden boardwalk with a breathtaking scenery of St. Maarten as a backdrop. This is not an aquatic circus where dolphins are living a life of depression. Before you know it, you will witness the majestic mammals, leaping and squeaking inviting you into their home, the clear waters. The diet and weight of the dolphins are monitored daily to ensure optimum health. Before starting the interactive program, the guest will be briefed on the activities they are about to perform. All personal belonging must be stored in the lockers. A life jacket is mandatory unless you are a dolphin.

Live this once in a lifetime experience with the help of specialists that will accompany you to the dolphin’s kiss, hug, handshake, or an exhilarating activity of the foot push. You would not believe their powerful strength! Dolphin Discovery’s customers agree. With amazing reviews, customers recommend adding this adventure to your bucket list. One customer praises, “Once in a lifetime experience! The staff was fantastic! They walked you through what was expected of you and what the Dolphins were going to do.” Another customer compliments “Will recommend to everyone interested in learning more and swim with these amazing animals.” In addition, staff will educate you on some interesting facts about these animals, their habitat and remind you about the importance of taking care of the environment.

Dolphin Discovery Anguilla trains its dolphins and other marine mammals through positive reinforcement. Dolphins are able to interact freely with the team and socialize with other dolphin friends. Programs vary in price depending on the activities that are involved. •Please note no cameras or recording devices are not allowed as there are professional photos that can be purchased on site.

Dolphin Discovery Anguilla park can be found at the Blowing Point beach, located just on the southern coast of the island only twenty minutes away by ferry from the St. Maarten port. Group reservations are a maximum of 12 persons to gain the full intimate experience. For safety reasons, pregnant women (5 months and up) cannot participate in any of the aquatic programs. Women with less than 5 months into their pregnancy can participate in the Encounter program only if accompanied by another adult and after signing a Responsibility Form. If you have any health or physical disability, you can join too! The Number one swim with dolphins company is proud to host unique interactive programs on the beautiful Caribbean island of Anguilla in the case of any doubts please contact us before reservations to ensure no delay/doubts on your booking.

Worried about infants? This company permits you to accompany your infant or child starting at the age of 3.

If you are ready to have the experience of a lifetime under the Caribbean sun, choose Dolphin Discovery Anguilla, and an ideal activity for everyone !. Be sure to book your adventure on to experience and create friendships and memories that will last forever!

Dolphin Discovery Anguilla also offers a complimentary beach area, wifi, paddleboards, kayaks! for their guest. 

Available with an extra charge you can have: – Photos of your experience with the dolphins, other activities in Anguilla – St Maarten, Food, and Beverages. There is a dock and transportation fees for guests arriving from St Maarten.

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